Table Mountain Station Private Event Details

Do you have indoor and outdoor spaces available at the Museum?
Yes, the Pavilion is a covered event space and can be enclosed if needed. We also have access to private dining in individual, vintage railroad cars for smaller private dinners too.

What is the capacity for Train Museum events?
We can host events up to 500 people. There are individual, vintage railroad cars also available for private rent (around 20-40 guests) for smaller groups.

How far away is the Museum’s location from downtown Golden?
2.3 miles. The Museum is located about five to ten minutes East (driving) from downtown Golden. Shuttle Service can be contracted with our partners West Wing Shuttle Services.

What is the rental for the Event Spaces:
Property Rental:

  • 1-99 guests $1,000*
  • 100-199 guests $2,000*
  • 200-399 guests $3,000*
  • 400-500 guests to be determined *

Event Rental:

  • TBD*

What are the Food and Beverage Minimums:

  • Weekdays: $3,000*
  • Weekends: $8,000*


Are we able to do train rides?
Yes, there are 3 trains that you can rent to ride:

  • Galloping Goose #7 (1-100 guests) $500
  • Diesel Locomotive with passenger cars (1-300 guests) $1,250
  • Steam Locomotive with passenger cars (1-500 guests) $3,000

Are there any other event spaces I can reserve besides the Pavilion?
Yes, there are several smaller spaces at the Colorado Railroad Museum. Please ask your sales manager for more details.

What is the latest time that an event must end?
TMI Station requires all customers and guests to be out at 11:00pm. Most events must end at 10:00pm in order to complete clean-up and exit by midnight. Special permission to extend beyond these hours is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of Colorado Railroad Museum.

Is there a charge for parking?
No, all parking around the Train Museum is free with no hourly restrictions.  However, the museum is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items/ vehicles.  For more information, please see our parking map.

Are you able to have a bar?
Yes, TMI Train Station permits both a cash or hosted bar.

Do you have preferred vendors?
We have several vendors that we have worked and recommend.

  • Transportation: West Wing Shuttle Service
  • DJ: Mile High Entertainment
  • Audio Visual: Transcend Event Production
  • Photo/ Videography/ Photobooth: Mile High Entertainment
  • Florist: 
  • Wedding Cake: Valhalla Cakes
  • Cupcakes: Golden Mine Cupcakes
  • Lodging Accommodations: Table Mountain Inn
  • Catering: Table Mountain Inn
  • Chairs, Tables, Linens, Flatware, Plate ware, and Glassware: Table Mountain Inn

Do you offer rooms blocks or discounts on rooms at the hotel?
We can offer rooms blocks, during our peak season (May-October), we are limited to the number of rooms we are able to offer a discount for. We do require an event to be eligible for a discount on room rates. Please reach out directly to the Sales team for more information.

Do you offer packages:
Yes, we have a couple packages with options to include a bar and/or a drink ticket. Please see our menu for more details.

Do you offer plated dinners?
Yes, we can offer plated dinner either at the pavilion or in one of the private dining train cars.

Are you able to work with dietary restrictions?
Yes, our Chef is very creative and is happy to customize the menu to fit the needs of your attendees. Please communicate all dietary restrictions and allergies with your sales manager.

Can we bring in a different catering service?
Table Mountain Inn is the only caterer that is allowed to serve food and beverage on the Colorado Railroad Museum premises.

My child is having a small birthday party at the Museum can you cater some for a small group?
Yes, we can offer grab-and-go packs for most sized groups. These are perfect for any size group. Please contact them directly to reserve your party pack!

Are we able to have a private guided tour of the museum?
The museum will provide guided tours on a customized basis.  The tour(s) could look at the interiors of some of the displayed artifacts, provide the opportunity for guests to tour otherwise closed facilities such as the Roundhouse, and/or provide an opportunity for guests to tour on their own while interreacting with interpretive staff, along with potentially experiencing some special demonstrations such as operating the Museum’s “Armstrong” human-powered turntable. Fees TBD. Based on staffing necessary to provide the requested activities.   Pricing will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.